F1014 Error - Missing pupil religion

Validation error F1014 usually occurs when one or more students have no religion assigned. These will have ‘-‘ as their religion in the Census student detail report. If one or more pupils have no religion recorded in SIMS you should amend their religion, making sure that the effective date is on or before the Census date (click the history button in the ethnic / cultural panel to do this).

Note that pupils that have no religion or have refused to state their religion should still have this recorded in their student details. The F1014 error is triggered when nothing at all is entered for a pupil.

If there are no pupils without a religion but Create and Validate still results in error F1014 then there may be religion codes that have not been mapped to a religion category. This will also result in the F1014 error. To resolve this please follow these steps:

1. Open Tools | Lookups | Maintain and select Home Religion as the lookup type.

2. Ensure that each Active religion code has an appropriate religion category, e.g. a code for Church of England should have a category of CH (Christian).

Finally, if you are still getting error F1014 then check the summary report to see if there is a value greater than zero next to question 129 (missing religion). If this value is zero you can ignore the error and authorise the Census. If there is a value for ‘Missing’, even after making any corrections, please run a SIMS report of pupil religion totals and send the totals to the CES, either by email or in a support ticket. You can then authorise the Census and the CES will correct the Census file when it is received. Please ensure that the data you send is a summary of the totals for each religion, not a report showing the religion of every pupil.

If you experience the error message saying that there are inactive lookup categories when opening the CES Census the F1014 error will be displayed. If this happens please see the separate knowledgebase article about inactive lookup categories.