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The summary report shows the wrong number of pupils
The summary report shows the wrong number of Catholic pupils.
Why are corrections to pupil religion and ethnicity not showing?
Panel 11 shows the wrong number of support staff.
SIMS crashes when I press 'Create & Validate'.
When I press ‘Create & Validate’ I get an error message.
When I press ‘Calculate all Details' nothing happens
Which file do we send and where is it?
We can’t find the XML file to upload
The school uses SIMS, but does not have the CES Census. How do I access it?
The CES Census options appear on screen but nothing happens when I click on them.
The reference date in panel 1 shows last year’s date.
F1014 Error - Missing pupil religion
How do I change the effective date of a pupil’s religion?
F1015 - The totals of pupils by ethnicity and pupils by religion are different
Inactive Religion Categories
Error: Figures entered cannot exceed Year 11 Pupils on roll on last years CES return
F1016 - No year group assigned to one or more pupils
SEN codes and categories