The SIMS CESEW Census application

The SIMS application enables 90% of the CESEW Census to be completed from the data contained in the schools' SIMS databases. Consequently it is quicker and easier to complete than the Excel form and is also less likely to contain innacurate data.

To start using the SIMS application, follow these simple steps:

1. Check that you have the application

Go to Routines->Statutory returns. You should see the menu option Schools CESEW Census. If this option is not there then you do not have the CESEW Census application. If so, click here to request that a patch containing the Census application be sent to you by CAPITA.

2. Check that data in the modules is up to date

In addition to holding data required for the DfE and WG data collection exercises, SIMS software is capable of holding the data, such as staff and pupils' religion which is needed to complete most of the CESEW Census. The SIMS guidance contains more information.

3. Initialise the CESEW Census lookups

Some lookups related to pupil and staff religion and ethnicity may need to have categories (list options) added to them for the CESEW Census. These lookups then need to be linked to the CESEW Census application.

This process is quite straightforward and you will only need to do it the first time that you use the SIMS Census application.

Click here for full details.

4. Assign a folder for the Census file

As with the lookups, you will only need to do this once. Click here for full details.

5. Complete the Census

Use the Quickstart guide for the main steps to complete the Census. Refer to the SIMS online guidance for answers to specific questions.


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