Census 2024 Timetable

The CES Census starts on 18th January in England and 16th January in Wales. Schools should complete and submit their returns during the support period which runs from the start date until Friday 9th February.

Census Support Helpdesk

Please remember that most support questions can be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Click here if you have a support query to raise a ticket on the online helpdesk. We aim to respond to all queries on the day they are raised. The online helpdesk contains an extensive knowledgebase as well as up to date information about ongoing technical issues should any arise during the census.

During the four week support period you can also phone the CES or your diocesan census representative:

  • Call the CES helpdesk on 020 7901 1909 between 9:30 and 16:00, Monday to Friday. The line is usually extremely busy.
  • Phone or email your diocesan census representative, who will be able to assist with common support questions.

GDPR and the CES Census

The annual CES Census is the source of all school data collected by the CES. The census files submitted to the CES consist of aggregate totals. No data on individual pupils or teaching and support staff are collected in the census. The only personal details collected in the census are:

  • Headteacher name
  • Contact name and email address, used solely for census related communications.

A document that describes the extent to which the CES census falls within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be downloaded here. This document addresses questions that the CES has received from schools that raised concerns about the CES census and privacy of schools data.


Schools and colleges should complete the return during the support period.

More information

Submitting your return

When you have completed your Census, submit the file here.

If you have not received the login id and password, contact the Census helpdesk.


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