Before you call the CES Helpdesk:

Schools can contact the helpdesk at any time by raising a support ticket on the online helpdesk. We aim to respond to emails and support tickets within 24 hours.

Guidance documents

Please try to find the answer to your query in the guidance documentation before calling the helpdesk. These documents are all available online or to download and include:

  • SIMS and Excel quickstart guides
  • Detailed guidance notes for SIMS and Excel
  • Frequently asked question

See the documentation menu on the side of this page for links to all these documents

Ask your diocesan representative

The dioceses are able to answer many of the common questions, for example how to log in to the upload form. Click Here to find your diocese's contact details.

Telephone support

The helpdesk phone number is 020 7901 1909. This number is open between 9:30 and 16:00 during the support period.

The phone line is very busy. If you can't get through raise a support ticket on the online helpdesk.


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